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Tasmanian Government General Prospectus

Dorset Renewable Industries – Prospectus – click the link below to access DRI Prospectus

Communication TypeDescriptionPublication and Date
PresentationOpening of the DRI facility at Scottsdale2017 - April
Video Presentation
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PresentationCommunity Update2014 - October
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DocumentCommunity Update: Objectives and Facts2014 - October
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DocumentPublic Presentation: Future Opportunities2014 - October
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DocumentDRI's Vision for the Tasmanian Forest Industry2014 - December
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Media Release
Last Minute Bid to Halt Sale2013 - July
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DocumentNewsletter2013 - February
Volume 1
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Continuing Uncertainty of Ling Siding2013 - December
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Crunch Time for Ling Siding purchase2013 - August
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Press ReportContinuing Uncertainty Over Ling Siding Project2012 - December (Obtain copyright clearance)
North Eastern Advertiser, Vol 104 No 48
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Press Report (online)Group Seeks Support for Ethanol Initiative2013 - July
ABC Rural Website
Contains audio interview with David Hamilton, Chairman, DRI
Media Release
Ling Siding Refurbishment Project Set to Start2015 - May
MediaRelease 05 May 2015